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Investing in our future

At Umwelt Energy, we are committed to leaving the world a cleaner, greener place by scaling the production of green fuels. Through our strategic investments, we develop the ecosystem around eFuel, driving the transition from fossil fuels to green fuels across industries and the world. 

We believe that the investments made today are what directly shape the opportunities of tomorrow. By choosing to contribute to green solutions, we strive to create a more sustainable world for current and future generations.

Dedicated to diligent analysis

Our team of industry professionals offers a deep understanding of the entire value chain to ensure that projects are scoped to reflect realistic conditions. Our expertise and experience allows us to navigate past common pitfalls and develop a standardized process to better estimate the end goals at the start of the project. 

We de-risk investments through a series of rigid stages, choosing to move forward only with investments that reach our requirements, and we challenge assumptions early in the process. While all investments maintain risk, our way of working is developed to consider and mitigate potential financial, environmental, regulatory, and operational risks.

A global effort

To reach the ambitious and necessary goals on the horizon, we must work together on a global scale to identify where to build projects. Our team is spread across Europe, India, and North America to provide a global-first approach, and we partner with governments, developers, and suppliers to ensure local anchoring.

The scale needed to impact hard-to-abate industries cannot be done at an individual level. It requires proper network, knowledge, and navigation tools to put the entire value chain together.

Our mission

We are on a mission to produce at least 1Mt of eMethanol annually by 2030 to power the transportation industry, helping to abate at least 2 Mt of CO2 annually.

At our core, our business fights climate change on a global and local level, working to provide a green alternative to fossil fuel-based industries. An ambitious challenge that has the ability to transform how industries operate, for the better.

In all of our efforts, we consider our impact on people and our shared planet – contributing knowledge and economic benefits to the places we operate.

Kenneth Bergstrøm-Andersen
"At Umwelt Energy, we incorporate ESG considerations into our strategic framework for e-fuels project development. We believe that contributing to a greener planet requires our commitment, first hand by adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of UN Global Compact."

Our ESG commitments

Utilization of low-grade farmland to minimize environmental impact and maximize the benefit to the community

Utilization of industrial excess heat for other industrial purposes as well as urban heating where appropriate

Analysis of water and grid constraints to ensure responsible development and use of scarce resources

Minimization of green fuel plants’ impact on local ecosystems and biodiversity

Partnership with local contractors and suppliers to ensure local economic development and sustainable growth

Proactive development of governance structures to ensure compliant, transparent, and responsible business operations

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Invest in a greener future

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Invest in a greener future

If you would like to get in touch to hear more about our investment opportunities, please reach out to our Investor Relations team.

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Investor Relations
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Investor Relations