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Umwelt Energy unites diverse industry specialists to close knowledge gaps between energy systems and accelerate sustainable solutions.


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Headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark, Umwelt Energy is led by renewable energy experts with deep knowledge in developing the processes around green fuel production. As a company, Umwelt Energy is committed to tackling the big ideas and solutions required to reach net zero. Fueled by the demands of the environment and rooted in years of practical experience.

Alexander Eriksen
A proven entrepreneur across industries, Eriksen holds a strong track record in leading companies through high growth and exits/IPO over the past 20+ years.
Lars Martiny
Previously the Vice President in Topsoe, CEO of Topsoe Fuel Cell, SVP in Green Hydrogen Systems and Head of Venture in Chemours. Martiny’s career spans energy technology, manufacturing and hydrogen.
Niels-Arne Baden
Previously the CEO of Green Hydrogen Systems, Baden is highly experienced in guiding industries through major transitions and advancing high-growth technology fields.
Saibaba Vutukuri
Managing Director
For 34 years, Vutukuri has been starting, building, and accelerating companies within the renewable energy industry, holding top management positions in organizations like Vestas and GE.

Local Management

To power our growing operations around the world, Umwelt Energy has management present to facilitate and grow partnerships with governments, industries, and technology providers.

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